Dominik Matzka, born 1994 in Munich, is a film composer and singer-songwriter. He produces electronic and acoustic music, songs and orchestral works.

The magic of storytelling seized him early on and since then has never stopped. On the age of eleven, he wrote his first film scores – to self-shot movies. Subsequently, he was taught composition by Michael Proksch and later on by Vladimir Genin.

The wind of the new and foreign blew him further and further into the open sea of music, to various treasure islands: to Gustav Mahler, Kate Bush, Meredith Monk, whale song and the rituals of tibetan monks. He studied classical composition at Kunstuniversität Graz and film music at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. His diploma was completed in 2020 and included – among others – the soundtrack to the award-winning documentary „If objects could speak“.

After several band projects, Dominik Matzkas pop debut „Offene Augen“ („Open Eyes“) came out in July 2022. It was followed by his first EP called „Untersberg“ in 2023, from which three singles were lifted, and the single “Was ist dann los” (“What’s going on then”). His songs combine lyrical independent pop with the power and spaciousness of cinematic sound worlds.

Dominik Matzka lives in Freiburg with his partner. He teaches composition, ear training and musical theory at Musikschule Freiburg.